In our attempt to be a firm oriented company, and given our intention to provide our customers with a global and full comprehensive service, Huerta Abogados has an Advisory and Management Department of highly qualified professionals with great experience and, combining their performance with our lawyers, if necessary, will give your business the tools necessary for its proper operation, as well as the optimization of both its human and material resources.

Within these regards, we can act from the following areas:


In Huerta Abogados, you will find an efficient and responsible team, which will offer a close and personalized treatment. We try to understand your needs to be more effective in our engagement.

We work for your peace of mind. You can leave in our hands your company´s accounting. We will plan all tax efforts of your company to optimize every move and achieve that you devote your time fully to your company goals.

  • Book-keeping of social accounting
  • Taxation on Income Tax and other tax aspects of the General Plan of Accounting (PGC).
  • Taxation on Personal Income Tax (IRPF)
  • Taxation on the Value Added Tax and other indirect taxes (IVA)
  • Administrative and Contentious-Administrative tax procedures
  • Coordinated tax planning for companies and shareholders
  • Advice, planning and execution of acquisition or transfers of businesses operations
  • Due diligences and tax procedures reviews



Huerta Abogados offers a team of professionals specialized in the field of labor counseling. Being an entrepreneur or an employee, any question which is relevant to this field will be solved effectively and promptly.

Please find below some of the issues we deal with greater assiduity:

  • Company registration/withdrawal process within Social Security.
  • Company registration/withdrawal process within Mutual of Labor Accidents.
  • Guestbook processing of the Labour Inspectorate, currently the obligation on companies to bring a book Enrollment Staff has been removed.
  • Communication for workplaces opening.
  • Communication to competent authorities of address changes, hours, shifts, etc., as well as substantial changes in working conditions.
  • Advice and representation of the company to the Inspectorate of Labor and Social Security. (Appearance, filing documents, preparation and submission of regular appeals and prior claims against Acts or Agreements drawn by these organisms).
  • Representation of the company within the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (prior pertinent empowerment).
  • Preparation of corresponding payslips and contribution slips.
  • Preparation of a monthly analysis of employees costs.
  • Preparation of quarterly summary of withholdings to employees for Personal Income Tax (IRPF) (model 111) for entry into Tax Agency.
  • Preparation of annual summary of withholdings to employees for Personal Income Tax (IRPF) (model 190) for entry into Tax Agency.
  • Advice on framing of the shareholders and directors of the company within the various schemes of Social Security.
  • Preparation of employment contracts.
  • Registration/withdrawal process for employees within Social Security, and data modifications.
  • Registration/withdrawal process for Temporary Disability.
  • Extension communication on temporary contracts.
  • Contracts conversion to different modalities
  • Communication to employees for non-renewal of their temporary contract and settlement proposal preparation.
  • Company certificates preparation as well as all necessary documentation to apply for unemployment benefits.
  • Letters of dismissal preparations, sanctions, etc.
  • Wages and allowances closeouts preparation.

Personalized and close customer service