With regard to the particular customer care, Huerta Abogados attends it in particular in the fields of Civil, Family, Labor and Criminal Law. While in the field of Bankruptcy Law, we advise individuals affected by bankruptcy proceedings.

Likewise, we are experts within the field of Data Protection. Diagnostic and implementation of Data Protection Act requirements and its implementing Regulations are carried out, including Biennial Audit.



Huerta Abogados has specialized Civil Law professionals in the many aspects that are collected under the heading of Civil Law.

From a dialogical stance, and advising at all times, we will seek an appropriate framework to achieve a satisfactory agreement for our client.

In the case of action in courts, your rights will be effectively represented.

Huerta Abogados understands your situation. Trust our action in situations such as:

  • Land Law
  • Debt claims
  • Urban and rustic tenancy agreements
  • Recruitment
  • Inheritance Law: Heritages/Wills/Donations
  • Owner associations / House property

Huerta Abogados: Experts in Debt Claims.


The special nature of the issues concerning the scope of the family requires the intervention of a skilled professional who knows from the most absolute confidentiality, proximity and accessibility necessary, to solve your situation as expeditiously and effective as possible. Our professionals will advise and solve your situation always with the welfare of children involved in family conflict, if any, as our primary objective. Huerta Abogados will advise you on issues such as the following:

  • Contentious divorce / mutual agreement
  • Compensatory allowance / Alimony
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Care and custody
  • Guardianship / curatorship / handicaps

When facing a legal dispute in the context of the family, do not hesitate to contact our professionals. We know how to help.


Since the beginning of our firm, labor relations and legal conflicts that arise in this field, have been primary object of attention of our experts in Social Law. Once again, Conciliation and Mediation have been recurring figures that facilitate the resolution of such conflicts, improving waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction with agreements reached. Huerta Abogados has achieved a successful track record in solving such conflicts. Contact us. Our prices are adjusted and we can offer facilities in the form of payment. We will advise and solve situations like the following:

  • Layoffs
  • Compensation
  • Processing for disability annuity
  • Debt claims
  • Complaints to FOGASA
  • Procedures in Social Jurisdiction, Social Security and SMAC

Huerta Abogados answers your questions and advises against any labor dispute. We are experts in debt claimings.


Criminal law includes any of the crimes and offenses punishable under the Penal Code. Today even a traffic violation, depending on its severity, can lead us to have to face a criminal conviction or even imprisonment. Criminal law requires a specialist in the field that can defend your rights from both the defense and the prosecution side. In Huerta Abogados, you have the guarantee of professionals of proven experience in such diverse matters as the following:

  • Offenses against persons: Injuries
  • Crimes against freedom
  • Privacy offenses
  • Offenses against honor and reputation
  • Crimes against heritage
  • Fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Corporate offenses
  • Offenses of documentary falsehood


We develop the function of client advisory in regards to taxation and management concerning taxation. This mentioned function is integrated by graduates in economic or business studies with the corresponding administrative assistance professionals.

To cope with the complex and changing tax legislation and give an adequate response to the importance for the company’s growing fiscal pressure, we have instructed that these professionals specialize in the different current and emerging applicable taxes.

In addition to the advisory activity, we work closely with those responsible for corporate governance, to know the impact of taxation in the future development of the company. From this, these professionals can quickly and safely take the necessary decisions to optimize deductions and other existing options, which can only be accessed through a deep and updated knowledge of applicable tax regulation.

Huerta Abogados: Tax experts at your service. Contact us for your particular case.

Personalized and close customer service