Huerta Abogados is a law firm focused from the beginning to the business full advice in different areas of law. Our staff is specialist in Corporate, Commercial and Labor Law with the ability of providing quality legal services in all matters relating to the prevention, advisory and management of your business.

Constant update and improvement of our services, as well as an expansion of our areas of activity, allow us to successfully solve any legal matter that concerns you.

We work by your side as an additional asset for your company.



Huerta Abogados is specialist in procurement. Our lawyers, delving into the labor for prevention of your company, advise in the drafting, amendment, sign-offs or any other action that is needed in terms of contracts. We will assist you in the design, negotiation and execution of all types of commercial contracts or commercial agreements. Our lawyers can help you in any kind of commercial contract such as the following:

  • Pre-agreements
  • Purchase options
  • Commercial contracting: distribution, franchising, commission and agency
  • Contracts for provision of professional and industrial services
  • Building and turn-key contracts
  • Freight and logistics contracts
  • Contract releases and outsourcing
  • Guarantees constitution: endorsements and sureties, chattel mortgages and pledges (with or without displacement).
  • General terms and conditions for contracting
  • Partnership and association contracts
  • License contracts
  • Multimedia work contracts
  • Commercial lease contracts

Huerta Abogados is specialist in procurement. Before drafting or signing a contract, please contact us. It may be vital for your company to anchor all the terms of any contract for your company.


Huerta Abogados has extensive experience in advising on corporate law. The area includes, among others, aspects of incorporation of companies, statutory changes and corporate restructurings, etc.

Our professionals will provide legal advice on any matters of Corporate Law. Our goal is the optimization of the corporate structure of your company.

  • Constitution of all types of companies and similar corporate forms
  • Constitution of associations, foundations and other nonprofit entities
  • Shareholder pacts and agreements, syndication agreements, statutory changes
  • Advice to corporate social bodies
  • Development of internal codes of conduct
  • Management responsibilities
  • Minutes, social agreements and other corporate documents
  • Legal due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Acquisition and sale of entities in its various forms and accessories agreements
  • Acquisition and sale of branches of activity and assets
  • Business groups restructuring
  • Mergers, dissolutions and liquidations for all types of companies
  • Investors, debtors and creditors agreements
  • Joint ventures, consortiums, strategic alliances and other forms of association

Bring us your doubts, our advice can help optimize your business results.


Huerta Abogados provides a professional service based on expertise and experience in the daily practice of bankruptcy law.

Our lawyers will work on finding alternative ways to bankruptcy to ensure, whenever feasible, continuity of the activity of your company. We will use all legal resources necessary to advise the employer, directors and executives of the company.

We will raise different options based on the current situation of the company, adjusting its costs, studying possible refinancing and correcting corporate structures.

Likewise, we give advice to creditors, managing delinquency and acting both in and out of the courts.

  • Counseling and intervention in pre-bankruptcy phases
  • Pre-insolvency refinancing
  • Corporate structures analysis
  • Competing application (request for voluntary bankruptcy)
  • Insolvency/bankrupt proceedings advisory
  • Representation of creditors
  • Delinquent accounts management

In a pre-insolvency or bankruptcy situation of your company, Huerta Abogados can be your best ally.


Our firm has professionals with exclusive dedication and extensive experience in advising companies and executives.

Huerta Abogados, in the exercise of their activity, provides advice on all aspects of Labor Law. Main areas of action the following:

  • Advisory on day-by-day of business
  • Collective dismissals / employment regulation
  • Substantial modifications in labor conditions
  • Disciplinary regime
  • Senior Management: contracts, protection clauses and non-competition and removal of senior managers
  • Extinctions and suspensions of labor relations
  • Writing of any kind of documents: claims, appeals and defense in courts
  • Temporary employment agencies

For any labor dispute or prevention, Huerta Abogados has professionals at your service to solve the matter.

Personalized and close customer service