Huerta Abogados staff is formed by a group of highly specialized professionals within the different legal branches, headed by Mr. Pedro María Huerta Trólez, founder of the law firm.

You will be able to entrust the legal problem that concerns you with the guarantee of finding a professional team backed up by the experience and expertise that your case requires.

We attend both particulars and companies within the fields of Civil, Business, Penal, Labor and Tax Law mainly.

Regarding Huerta Abogados areas of expertise, the fields of Family and Inheritance Law, Corporate Law, Bankruptcy Law, Copyright and Data Security are notable.

We would also like to highlight our wide experience at implementation projects and multinational and large corporation audits.

If you would like to get to know us in detail, please find below a detailed description for the career of the staff members of our office:

Pedro María Huerta Trólez

  • Graduated in Law by Complutense University, Madrid, 1982. Belonging lawyer to Madrid and Alcalá de Henares Bar Association.
  • Huerta Abogados law firm founder
  • Price Waterhouse director and nominee partner.
  • Banco Popular´s Head of Legal Advisory and subsidiary banks.
  • Grupo Larios´s Secretary-General, real-estate sector focused company.
  • M&A professor for Legal Advisory Master’s Degree at “Instituto de Empresa”, Madrid.
  • Professor at “Escuela de Práctica Jurídica-ICADE”, Madrid.
  • Lecturer and regular contributor to specialized journals on subjects related with Civil and Business Law
  • Languages: English and Spanish.

Marisa Cazorla Sánchez

  • Graduated in Law. Belonging lawyer to Madrid Bar Association since 1999. Knowledge in different law branches, from Procedural Practice point of view.
  • Worked for “Gabinete Jurídico Cazorla-García ABOGADOS” since the beginning of her professional activity until September 2006.
  • In September 2006, she came to be part of Huerta Abogados team.
  • Focuses herself mainly in the branches of Civil and Business Law.

Antonio Rivas Hernández

  • Graduated in Law and Political Science and Public Administration by Carlos III University. Belonging lawyer to Madrid Bar Association.
  • Has developed labor practices within the Legal Department of the State: Ministry of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for advisory services.
  • Between 2008 and 2010, he worked for Gabinete XXI, within the Labor Law department.
  • In 2011, he developed his professional activity at ASSIGNIA INFRAESTRUCTURAS, S.A. In 2012 he joined Huerta Abogados, within the areas of Labor Law and direction for advisory department.

Ignacio Hernández García

  • Graduated in Law by Complutense University, Madrid, 1990.
  • Specialized in Labor Law, complements his knowledge with public examination preparation for the Body of Labor Inspectors.
  • Master’s Degree in Labor and Social Security Law specialization at “Centro de Estudios Financieros”, Madrid.
  • Corporate Management and Administration course by Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in collaboration with the European Parliament, and course in Immigration Specialization by ICAM and ICAZ.
  • Collaboration with Estudio Legal y Economico, S.L. law firm based in Madrid, and lectured Occupational Risk Prevention courses at a national level for various mutual labor accident companies in collaboration with the Labor Inspection Body.
  • He has worked for Gabinete Jurídico XXI since 2004 joining Huerta Abogados in 2013, always within Labor Law and Social Relations framework (Procedures for work disability and Social Security).

Menchu Calvo Blasco

  • Started her professional activity within law framework in 1984, within Juan Rubio lawyer´s office, developing administrative tasks and starting to have direct contact with the different law branches.
  • Joined ASESORES LABORALES RIOS ROSAS in 1987, to take charge of payroll management for the different companies that composed the law firm´s portfolio, as well as different conflicts resolution which may arise from the clients´ day-by-day.
  • Joined Huerta Abogados in 2013, within Labor Advisory department and payroll management, holding a labor management technician position.
  • Languages: French and Spanish.

Manuel López Morales

  • Started his professional activity within law framework as Official enabled by Attorney Courts in 1985, enabled by Madrid´s College of Attorneys, acquiring extensive knowledge of the different branches of law.
  • Joins ASESORES LABORALES RIOS ROSAS in 1992, holding a Labor Management Technician position within Labor Law department.
  • In 1992, he joins Labor Department within Gabinete Jurídico XXI to finally join Huerta Abogados in 2013, holding a Labor Management Technician position.

José Manuel Benítez Delgado

  • Graduated in Law by Cardenal Cisneros University, Madrid, 2014.
  • Completed his professional education with the General Course for Advocacy within the years 2014 and 2015 at the School of Legal Practice in Madrid.
  • ICAM practicing lawyer since 2014, joined Huerta Abogados team in 2014, taking charge of court proceedings and debt claims of different bank entities.

Rafael Casanova Lorente


  • Graduated in Business Studies by Complutense University in Madrid and Master´s Degree in Taxation and Tax Advice by CEF, Madrid.
  • He has developed his professional career as responsible Financial Director for accounting (cost and financial), tax and treasury departments for a group of companies mainly focused in real-estate promotion, joining Guillen Becares professional team in 2012. By the beginning of 2015, he joins Huerta Abogados.
  • Associations: Madrid Official School of Economists, member of REAF (Official School of Economists).
  • Languages: English (high level) and Spanish.

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