Huerta Abogados is an efficient and responsible lawyers’ team that offers a close and personalized treatment to the client. In this regards,   we try to learn more about the nature of the legal issue that concerns you either individually or as a company. We always start from a position of conciliation and mediation between the parties as a more efficient, faster and cheaper way to solve legal issues.

In the event of an agreement not being feasible, our lawyers will advise and represent you before the courts, drawing on the experience, knowledge and expertise gained from his extensive career.

Our lawyers provide a full service covering the below described legal areas and specialties restricted to specific fields pertaining to the individual and the companies.




    • Land Law
    • Debt claims
    • Urban and rustic tenancy agreements
    • Recruitment
    • Inheritance Law: Heritages/Wills/Donations
    • Owner associations / House property
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    • Contentious divorce / mutual agreement
    • Compensatory allowance / Alimony
    • Prenuptial agreements
    • Care and custody
    • Guardianship / curatorship / handicaps
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    • Layoffs
    • Compensation
    • Processing for disability annuity
    • Debt claims
    • Complaints to FOGASA
    • Procedures in Social Jurisdiction, Social Security and SMAC
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    • Offenses against persons: Injuries
    • Crimes against freedom
    • Privacy offenses
    • Offenses against honor and reputation
    • Crimes against heritage
    • Fraud
    • Bankruptcy fraud
    • Corporate offenses
    • Offenses of documentary falsehood
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    • Pre-agreements
    • Purchase options
    • Commercial contracting: distribution, franchising, commission and agency
    • Contracts for provision of professional and industrial services
    • Building and turn-key contracts
    • Freight and logistics contracts
    • Contract releases and outsourcing
    • Guarantees constitution: endorsements and sureties, chattel mortgages and pledges (with or without displacement).
    • General terms and conditions for contracting
    • Partnership and association contracts
    • License contracts
    • Multimedia work contracts
    • Commercial lease contracts
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    • Constitution of all types of companies and similar corporate forms
    • Constitution of associations, foundations and other nonprofit entities
    • Shareholder pacts and agreements, syndication agreements, statutory changes
    • Advice to corporate social bodies
    • Development of internal codes of conduct
    • Management responsibilities
    • Minutes, social agreements and other corporate documents
    • Legal due diligence
    • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
    • Corporate acquisitions
    • Acquisition and sale of entities in its various forms and accessories agreements
    • Acquisition and sale of branches of activity and assets
    • Business groups restructuring
    • Mergers, dissolutions and liquidations for all types of companies
    • Investors, debtors and creditors agreements
    • Joint ventures, consortiums, strategic alliances and other forms of association
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    • Counseling and intervention in pre-bankruptcy phases
    • Pre-insolvency refinancing
    • Corporate structures analysis
    • Competing application (request for voluntary bankruptcy)
    • Insolvency/bankrupt proceedings advisory
    • Representation of creditors
    • Delinquent accounts management
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    • Advisory on day-by-day of business
    • Collective dismissals / employment regulation
    • Substantial modifications in labor conditions
    • Disciplinary regime
    • Senior Management: contracts, protection clauses and non-competition and removal of senior managers
    • Extinctions and suspensions of labor relations
    • Writing of any kind of documents: claims, appeals and defense in courts
    • Temporary employment agencies
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Personalized and close customer service